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March 23rd 2001
After several months of inactivity GK Mysteries starts to live again. First step to be made is changing domain, yes... GK Mysteries has its own domain yet - !!!

The same news is about SIDney On-line - which is available at !!!

Big thanx goes to Spyros and his Kaschav for webhosting and support. Thanx again.


September 23rd 2000
Since September 23rd you can download SIDney Win32 application for free!!! It's the same as SIDney Online Website, but you can run it from your own computer with most features without internet connected. Go to the SIDney On-line to see what's it about and download it, or just click HERE to get SIDney app (selfextracting archive 437 Kb).

My e-m@il adress was changed, is no longer available, please, use following:


September 22nd 2000
After months of silence Gabriel Knight Mysteries starting to live again. There are news in Music section (twelve MP3 files from games!!!), Flash version of Gabriel Knight Mysteries - Blood Of The Sacred ... is about to be finished. We are happy to see this site in FLASH style, it brings many new features, just keep visiting this page to know more.

After 5 years I''ve finished the university with the Mgr. title and it means more time for my favourite projects (ofcourse this is one of them).

Jane Jensen launched her new domain and website at !!!! It's magic, just VISIT IT!!!


May 4th 2000
After weeks of problems, GK Mysteries and SIDney On-line are back in da house. There are new images, MP3 files (in SIDney yet), we have great news about Jane Jensen and we can publish her early story (upcoming).


April 1st 2000
SIDney On-line released! On brand new URL started new project of UPIRsoft Graphics - SIDney On-line. It's full FLASH multimedia interactive website containing all informations from GK Mysteries but featuring first SIDNEY layout. Everything is accessed like in SIDNEY operating system with GREAT choice - you can download whole system as .EXE file and run from your computer without needing to connect to internet (except few active lists)!!! Watch out for new SIDNEY ON-LINE!!!


March 25th 2000
So many news here!!!! I don't know where should I start... Probably from the beginning to the end :)))

- support our AWARD action and sign up for Jane JENSEN and GK3 fan AWARD - HERE
- list of supporters updated HERE
- interview with Jane JENSEN about past, present and future, about Gabriel and about our AWARD action published HERE
- 30 unpublished screenshots from GK3 in our IMAGE section!
- CHARACTERS section for GK3 updated
- LOCATIONS section updated - informations about Rennes-Le-Chateau with images!!!

We are finally back after big pause and our Gabriel Knight Mysteries homepage will be updated frequently again. We are preparing MP3 archive for all three games, new screenshots and new GREAT GK mix by Bart Klepka!!! Coming out in next days!


Febuary 3rd 2000
Full list of AWARD action supporters is here, you can find it on AUTHOR section.


We support the Save Adventure Genre Campaign - we hope you will support it too :)

Save The Adventure Game Campaign
Another GOOD action to support the adventure genre: Save The Adventure Campaign


January 11th 2000
Here's collection of AWARD supporting wallpapers for most popular resolutions featuring graphics art shown on title of this page:

 - 640x480 ( 25 kb .ZIP file)
 - 800x600 ( 46 kb .ZIP file)
 - 1024x768 ( 76 kb .ZIP file)
 - 1280x1024 ( 109 kb .ZIP file)

You can download the wallpapers, add your logo or sign and put onto your own homepage to distribute it more.


January 10th 2000

I've read about Gamespot's BEST & WORST 1999 AWARD, so we browsed there... Let me see the nominees in ADVENTURE genre:

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Sierra

Omikron: The Nomad Soul
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Quantic Dream

Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Infogrames

Now let us see game descriptions:

Omikron: The Nomad Soul
- action adventure

- action adventure

And now let me think... Got it! This is why adventure genre is dying!  They're calling "adventure" everything where is more than 5 min of "storyline" and more than 5 sentences to speak.  I am wondering, why Tomb Raider doesn't have subtitle: BEST SELLING ADVENTURE EVER MADE... That's SICK!!! Please, forget all this CRAP and let's play GK serie again and try to remember what's ADVENTURE called!

In last weeks (months maybe) I‘ve played only one adventure before GK3 - Sanitarium, but it's sick game, not for all gamers.

Gabriel Knight 3 is ONLY ONE crystal clear ADVENTURE for last (many) months and don't tell me it's not! This game teach you and lets you think about storyline and linked facts & therories, it can make you start studying the history, philosophy and related stuff. This game is not typical game at all. It can be your jumpstart to the study of human journey beginning thousands years ago... Let this game introduce you to the long story of human existence, its legends, true stories, fantasies and wisdom.

 Tell me, how many young people know about Templars, FreeMasons and about history of mankind? I know the answers and it makes me cry. I hope, Jane's games and books will help many people, as it helped to me, to see many things in different light...

This is why we decided to award: ("we" mean main partners UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia, BonusWeb & Riki Magazine)

 - Jane Jensen as author of GK series with UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia, BonusWeb & Riki  Award For Contribution In The Field Of Education And Entertainemt

- Gabriel Knight 3 Blood Of The Sacred Blood Of The Damned game with UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia, BonusWeb & Riki award The Best Adventure Game Of The Millenium

Now we please you all, support this action and tell about it to your friends... If you would like to support it, send mail (containing your name, age, location & suggestions) to our adress so we can collect the feedback. If you have homepage and want to support the action on WWW, just place THIS image to your pages with small text description.

This will be our (and your) THANK to Jane and GK team for the best game serie ever made. 

PS: Jane, you did GREAT job!!! @-}-}---


Our main partner in this action - BonusWeb is preparing great action in co-operation with czech distributor JRC Interactive and Bohemia Interactive - if you download and print two parts of bonus coupon from their WWW sites, you can buy Gabriel Knight 3 - Blood Of The Sacred Blood Of The Damned with 10% discount!


GK4 PEtition: Official Site
This site also supports our AWARD action, but it has also it's own idea, and all GK fans HAVE to support it... Here is the link - - SIGN UP TOO!



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